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Why I think Pam Grier is so appealing.

What really separates Pam Grier from all the other women of her generation? The '70s had no shortage of buxom women who were willing to disrobe on film. She was not in big-budget movies. What exactly is her appeal? I imagine several things come into play, but boil down to one thing—she had no equal.

Today we have numerous female action stars and professional athletes. It was different for Pam's generation. In the commentary on the Coffy and Foxy Brown DVDs writer/director Jack Hill discusses how difficult casting and performing action scenes could be. Not only could he find few actresses who could match Grier physically, he could find few who could perform physically at all. Both Coffy and Foxy Brown had fight scenes that took some arrangement to pull off. In Coffy, Grier was to fight a woman named Harriet (Dea St. Lamont)—a massive woman who dwarfed Grier. Unfortunately she was not athletic enough to do a fight scene, so Hill made it a comedy scene by having Grier run away from her as she threw items and swore. In Foxy Brown, Claudia (Juanita Brown) finds herself in a lesbian bar, and Pam has to fight their way out. The idea for the lesbian bar came in part because they could use female stunt women for the fight scene without having to glam them up.

Grier's combination of physicality and sex appeal were only matched by Tura Satana, but where Satana hitched her wagon to Ted V. Mikkels, Grier found herself with Roger Corman and the blaxploitation movement. Grier also excelled at not just being a hard ass, but also capable of sensuality and comedy. Her smarts aided things as well, as Jack Hill mentions that many of the improvised weapons Coffy and Foxy use are from Grier's suggestions. Also, if it was just tits, ass, and beat-downs that we loved, we wouldn't enjoy her in Jackie Brown, Escape from LA, or
Fort Apache the Bronx as much as we do.

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Pam Grier Week: Women in Cages (1971, Gerardo de Leon)

In Women in Cages, Pam Grier stars as "Ilsa", uh, I mean "Alabama"—an American former prostitute/junkie who cleans up, moves to the Philippines and becomes head-matron of a prison for women. I joke that she is playing Ilsa, when in fact this movie came out four years prior to Ilsa: She-Wolf of the S.S. The similarities are uncanny. The costume is very much like Ilsa's in The Wicked Warden (another Filipino W.I.P. flick, 1977, Jess Franco). Alabama carries a baton, enjoys torturing inmates, and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. She also meets her end in a fashion similar to those she abuses. The main difference is that Alabama is driven by revenge and lusts only for other women. The revenge aspect is against Americans and gives her a twisted aspect of the '60s Black Power movement.

The story revolves around Jeff (Jennifer Gan) who finds herself in prison after protecting her boyfriend, Rudy (Charlie Davao). Ladies, if you ever have the following exchange with a man you have been seeing, you might want to re-examine the relationship:

Jeff: "I don't even know what you do."
Rudy: "I guess you could say I'm a 'player'."

As the police approach him, Rudy hides a brick of heroine in Jeff's purse and says "if you want to be a player too, you keep your mouth shut." She does. Ah, young love.

So, Jeff finds herself in a cell with Sandy (Judy Brown, The Big Doll House), Theresa (Sofia Moran, The Magnificent Zorro), and Stoke (Roberta Collins, Caged Heat). Sandy is Alabama's former favorite. Theresa is her current favorite (for now). Stoke is a junkie. They all warn Jeff about the "Playpen."

It turns out that Stoke worked for one of Rudy's men, and Rudy has decided he no longer needs Jeff. Of course, he doesn't want her to talk, so they promise Stoke heroine and early release if she kills Jeff. Stoke is not very skilled as a killer, and after a few Keystone Kops attempts involving a poisoned sandwich and later some rolling oil drums, decides to go with Jeff when she plans an escape. They are able to capture Alabama and take her along as a hostage. Eventually she can go no further, so the four women decide to tie her up. Alabama and Theresa both meet their ends at the hands of the hunters.

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