An Abstinence Only Sex Education Parable

A young lady was about to get married. Her mother came to talk to her and explain some things about marriage.

"I taught you everything you needed to know about sex, right?" mom asked.

"Yes, momma. You said not to do it," her daughter replied.

"Well now that you are getting married, you can have sex. There is one thing you need to know. Do you know what sodomy is?" the mother asked.

"Just that it is a sin," the daughter replied.

"That's right. Now, some men like sodomy. If your husband ever asks you to 'roll over', you tell him no," the mother explained.

Sure enough, after a year of marriage, the girls husband climbed into bed and said, "tonight honey, I want you to roll over."

"Oh no! My momma said this would happen, and I don't have to!" the girl exclaimed.

"Okay," he replied calmly, "I just figured you might want to have a baby."
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