Royal Wedding

From commoner to princess, Kate Middleton, was married in Westminster Abbey in London with Prince William. Kate Middleton chose a gown by brand Alexander McQueen, created by stylist Sarah Burton. As I said Prince William, Kate Middleton was beautiful, with a beautiful dress traditional and modern, with beautiful income and a plain made ​​with layers of tulle with implementation of flowers at the ends giving delicacy to the piece. Kate become a real princess. Prince William was very elegant in his army uniform. The marriage of Kate and Prince William was truly a fairy tale. Princess and prince proves that not only exist in fairy tales but in real life.

Kate gets the help of his younger sister to come to Westminster Abbey, where she became a princess.

Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton, soon after the wedding ceremony, held at Westminster Abbey in central London.

Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton , strolling through London in a carriage

Thousands of people saw the kiss of Prince William and Kate Middleton, they repeated the scene done by the parents of William, Charles and Diana, who also kissed on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in 1981.

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