I've been too busy, uh, "juggling" things to post lately...

Haven't had much time this year to post...it's funny how my life works...as you might remember from Chapter Two of my memoir "A Tale of Two Titties" that I have occasional access to two bed buddies, Cassie, a single mom, and Helen, a married woman. 

As I mentioned, I hooked up with Donna with the intention of finding someone with whom I could play with, roll around with and fuck on a more steady basis.  Well, as the old adage goes, when it rains it pours!  Cassie's job situation has changed and she no longer has to travel.  Plus, her child situation has stablized so she is able to "entertain" me much more frequently.

Helen's husband, a business partner of mine in two ventures, has recently had his job situation alterred as well, so he has to travel more frequently--thus, freeing Helen up for randy romps...

And Donna?:  Well, she has turned out to be a little sex fiend.  Wow.  So, at the risk of sounding as if I'm bragging--okay, okay--I am bragging a bit--I am gettng the most sex with big boobed women I've ever had in my life!!!

The problem is that I have little time for anything besides keeping it up for my trio of fuck buddies.  They do not know about each other--so things are indeed complicated...if we play at my place, I have to spend considerable time searching for and cleaning my townhome of any tell-tale signs.

I will post another segment of a "A Tale of Two Titties, Chapter Two: Dean has to juggle so many things these days, including juggs!!!!  But he isn't complaining!" 

I know, lengthy title, but it captures the gist of what's going on in my life!!!
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