Calling All Blogs! Pam Grier Week is Coming!

Okey, there is some interest in doing a multi-blog Pam Grier Week, so I am making an executive decision!

When: March 15-21
Where: Your Blog
Why: Because Pam Grier is a bad mutha...

so, you want to participate? Here's what you do:

  1. Contact me (Darius) by email or Tweet me @d_whiteplume.
  2. Put the tag Pam Grier Week in your posts. That way when I list participating blogs I can send directly to the Pam material.
  3. You can pre-publish your posts using the "Post Options" on you create a post page. If you need to know how to do that, contact me.

So, what kind of posts should you do? Movie reviews are great. Photos are always good. Impressions of movies. If you're artistic, make a picture. Profiles on directors or other actors as they relate to Pam's career are always good.

Let's see if we can flood the web with Pammy-goodness!
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