Ugh. Watch out if you are blogging dirty.

I just saw on The Scandy Factory that The Undead Film Critic's blog has been removed by Blogger. Go ahead, click here. I dare you. I double-dog dare you. Recently The Sexy Witch blog has had to put an adult content barrier on her (his?) blog after net citizens for decency started bawling to Google.

Yes, it is their site, their servers, and they can say what we can and cannot publish, but his site was remarkably tame compared to some things I have seen on Blogger (hell even on this blog). I thought the whole point of the adult barrier was to allow adult-themed material.

Today it's boobs, tomorrow it might be gore or lesbian nuns and Nazi movies. I am not sure there is a point or portal for bitching to Google, I am just saying, if your content is important to you, you might want to start running exports.
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