Dyanne Thorne Week: A Quick Look Back

Looking back at Ms Thorne, it is not hard for me to figure out why she is so appealing. Of course she has a really great, if somewhat enhanced, body. That will carry you a bit, but you need more. I think Dyanne was an old school Hollywood actress born a bit late. Sure, she likely would have wound up in B-Movies anyway, but so was Mamie van Doren. She's not the greatest actress in the world, but has a good range, in a classic Hollywood sense. These two pics are kind of the extremes of her roles:

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Dyanne Thorne
Ilsa at her low-tech perversion high point.

Dyanne Thorne
Dyanne as a cupie-doll prostitute.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed seeing a bit of Ms Thorne, with and without her jackboots. If you do watch the DVDs, listen to the commentary. Dyanne is pretty funny on them, and not bitter about how good/bad the Ilsa films were for her career.

I may lay off the theme weeks until the first week of February, in hopes of getting some better material together. Here are my two immediate ideas; Pam Grier blaxploitation week, or Women in Prison week (which would have some Pam Grier as well). Probably another Russ Meyer week later in the year. Sybil Danning might find her way to the early Spring. Any thoughts?
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