An old priest joke.

A priest and his friend, a protestant minister, wanted to play golf one day, but the priest complained he had to take confessions. There were so many people waiting, he knew it would take all day.

His friend said, "hey, I'm a man of the cloth. I'll take confession too and we can get out by lunchtime. Just tell me what to do."

The priest explained that people would come in and tell him their sins, then you look at the sin-to-penance chart to see what penance to give them.

So, first a man comes in and said he lied to his wife. Easy, five hail marys. Next a teen who took money from his mother's purse. Three rosaries. This went on for a while. "This is easy," the minister thought.

Then a young woman came in and said she gave her boyfriend a blow job. The minister looked at the chart, but there was no entry for a blow job. He looked out the confessional door for the priest, but did not see him. He saw an altar boy and called him over.

"Hey kid. What do you get for a blow job?" the minister asked.

"Well," the altar boy thought, "usually a plate of cookies."
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