Russ Meyer Week: Up! Margot Winchester

Raven de la Croix plays Margot Winchester, the female lead of Up! When she first appears she is out jogging while being verbally accosted by the locals.

(Not the best animation, but I took a shot :-)

Eventually she accepts a ride from a guy who looks suspiciously like Matthew McConaughey.

Everything seems fine, until he pulls off the main road.

Margot flees the truck, and is pursued by our villain.

In Meyer's world, land is the domain of men and water the domain of women. This is evidenced here, as when Margot reaches the water, she is able to overpower her attacker.

Margot flees, but we see the other truth of Meyer's world. The male brute is not easily defeated. He chases Margot down, and drags her to the border between land and water.

The inevitable violation ensues, though Margot is spared the humiliation, in a small way, by being unconscious during the act.

After the rapist's climax, Margot awakens. She knows what has happened, and is understandably pissed. Unfortunately for the villain, he did not leave the water completely.

Margot has killed her assailant. The local sheriff saw both the rape and the killing. He explains that the rapist was an important man's son, and Margot must rely on the sheriff to protect her secret. She decides to stay with him, but is it to save her skin, or does she have an ulterior motive?

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