Premature Evaluations: "Most Buxom" by Aishling Morgan

Aishling Morgan brings us the story of a Peeping Tom who gets in trouble at work for peeping at a woman across the street, so he quits and buys a house in a university town where he hopes to board nerdly male students and keep his mind off of women. Guess what? He soon finds himself boarding four big breasted women who drive him crazy with sexual frustration.

The story here is fairly god, but it is predominantly hot. We have a former stripper, and budding dominatrix, a rich-bitch lesbian, and a submissive virgin. The landlord eventually installs miniature surveillance cameras to see the women at play, and winds up beating his meat into hamburger. About halfway through, we get to the all girl party that is destined to become a lez-fest of legend.

I do enjoy Morgan's books. This is only the second I have read, and while different in tone from Sin's Apprentice it is fairly clear that it is the same author. I will likely give Satan's Slut a try next, which looks like a filthy Dennis Wheatley/Hammer Horror tale.
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